Unlock the Value of Data in Your Supply Chain

Combining Development, Human Rights, and Technology for a Unique Solution to Responsible Sourcing from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas


The Platform 

Our system is built on Consensas, a multilingual, inexpensive, scalable technology platform to cryptographically preserve and manage information in the world’s most complex supply chains. A unique blend of cryptography and structured data, Consensas is capable of sharing the power of trusted information between stakeholders. Through data harmonization, real-time insights and alerts, it significantly reduces the burden of regulatory compliance and reporting. The platform takes the best of blockchain, uniquely adapting it to work for smaller-scale actors, and in difficult and complex environments, such as conflict-affected and high-risk areas. The platform is designed to support the use of a public blockchain for proof of sequencing and data creation. Learn more about the Consensas Constellation Platform <here>.

Sustainable & Scalable 

We believe that sustainable and scalable solutions require commodity-agnostic tools that adapt to different supply chain complexities and challenges. Siloed, single-commodity approaches are more expensive for all and decrease efficiency for companies tracking their materials and carrying out due diligence.

The Consensas platform is built to collect and harmonize data from various supply chains, allowing companies to acquire a complete and holistic picture of what is in their products. It is currently being implemented in the context of the artisanal gold supply chain in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Because the platform is scalable and can accommodate numerous supply chains from multiple sites around the globe, it also makes analyzing and using the data more efficient, saving everyone time and money. 

Redistributing the Value of Data 

To incentivize upstream supply chain actors to use a traceability and due diligence system, they must benefit from the system. We are exploring new models for unlocking the value of traceability, due diligence, and impact data for mid and downstream companies and redistributing it to upstream supply chain actors as an incentive to continue to use the system and to make improvements to their mining or businesses. Given that each company and supply chain is unique, we believe that there are different options for doing this equitably, including:

1. Retroactive Payments: Because the system tracks all actors in the supply chain, downstream companies can make retroactive payments to individuals for the provision of data. 

2. Data Fee: Companies may apply a data fee along the supply chain, which is paid to individuals for their provision of data.


3. Community Investments: Companies may choose to use the system and become informed by monitoring and evaluation data to make targeted community investments addressing specific challenges. 

4. Reducing Inefficiencies: In some contexts, data can be a driver for identifying supply chain inefficiencies that can lead to retaining more value in the upstream supply chain. For example, in the Just Gold project, assay data demonstrated that there was a significant portion of silver contained in the gold which was not being recognized in the upstream part of the supply chain. Identifying these inefficiencies and ensuring upstream actors are benefitting from addressing them can serve as additional incentives. 

We can work with upstream and downstream supply chain actors to determine the most effective and appropriate methods for redistributing value along the supply chain. 


Data Ownership

Relevant and verified data has value. Individuals and entities in the system control the flow of their own data, and the platform allows users to choose what data they share, with whom, and when.


All entries on the platform are digitally signed by the authors, with multiple automated and manual methods verifying its accuracy. This tracks both the data on the platform and the individual contributor’s identity, location, and time. As data moves from one supply chain actor to the next, it is accepted and validated by the actor receiving it—increasing trust in its accuracy. The system can also be adapted to include third party verification by external actors, such as regulators, standards councils, auditors, and others, if needed. 


The platform is designed to support the use of a public blockchain for proof of sequencing and date of creation. 

Real-Time Insights

Our aggregated real-time view of a supply chain offers clients critical reporting functionality and vital insights. 


As an in-house solution, it is tailored to work for both large and small-scale sectors, including artisanal mining. We have developed a customizable affordable, long-term approach for users, with minimal sustaining costs.


Our system incentivizes every actor in a supply chain to participate by assigning data ownership, autonomy, recognition, and sharing the value of data fairly amongst all supply chain actors. 


Our system collects transactional data, due diligence information, and monitoring and evaluation data to provide system users a thorough view of their supply chain’s broader effects. This includes the full spectrum of development goals such as economic drivers and gender equity, as well as improvements to the individual actors’ livelihoods and broader community impacts. 

Works Offline

In environments without stable internet connectivity, Consensas’ proprietary cryptographic Internet of Things (IoT) hardware solution stores, shares, manages, and validates data as securely as its online platform.


Our system allows users to make changes to inputted data, while maintaining chain of custody by tracking changes and their authors. This allows for the correction of legitimate data entry errors, while maintaining a secure record of changes, including who made them and when, and rationale to ensure there is no manipulation of data. 

Secure & Clean

The Consensas platform is cryptographically-secure, with all data uploaded receiving some form of counter-party validation. This data is visible on the system in a ‘fully structured’ format, displaying its origin/elements, which makes it optimized for AI, blockchain and SQL databases. 


All data uploaded is portable, offering clients the opportunity to transfer it to any existing or new systems at any time. Clients determine the actors’ access and inputs. 


The system is built for small and large companies, allowing for a limitless number of users and data fields. 


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