JUST GOLD Case Study

Bringing Legal, Traceable, and Conflict-Free Artisanal Gold from Democratic Republic of Congo to International Markets


Case Study:

IMPACT’s Just Gold project is the first to successfully bring traceable, legal, and conflict-free artisanal gold from Democratic Republic of Congo to the international market.

Through the project, IMPACT creates incentives for artisanal gold miners to channel their product to legal exporters—and eventually responsible consumers. Over 1,000 miners across six mine sites in Mambasa Territory in Ituri Province have sold their fully traceable gold to a verified exporter in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo.


The Just Gold traceability and due diligence system provides the data for traceability, due diligence, and monitors the impact of the project at the community level. IMPACT designed this system in the field and has merged this system onto the Consensas platform. IMPACT is supporting the local mining cooperative in Mambasa to use and implement the traceability and due diligence system. 

A Canadian-based jeweller sourcing gold from the Just Gold project accesses key data to determine the gold’s origin, its conflict-free status, and its alignment with the company’s commitment to ethical jewellery for their clients. This includes chain of custody and due diligence data. 

Additionally, impact data collected along the supply chain by IMPACT, allows the jeweller to understand how the Just Gold project is affecting the local community. Together, by analyzing how sourcing practices are impacting both women and men, IMPACT can develop more targeted and innovative approaches to support these local actors and communities in equitable peace and development. 

Examples of How a Jeweller Uses Data from the Just Gold Project 

Risk Monitoring

The data in the system provides information on any security incidences in and around the mining community, as well as along the transportation route. It also provides documentation from third party sources on the security situation in the area. 

Consumer Profiles

The data in the system shows that consumers buying gold from the Just Gold project are purchasing engagement rings and the majority regularly choose ethical products. 

Guarantee of Origin

The data in the system provides information of the identities of the more than 1,000 miners who have sold gold through the Just Gold project and the mine site pit where it was mined.

Transaction Record Keeping

The data in the system provides the record of each transaction between the miner and trader, trader and exporter, and exporter and jeweller. 

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Regulatory Reporting

The data in the system provides information on the project’s participating mine sites, along with accompanying documents that demonstrate they have been validated by government authorities as conflict-free. 

Supporting Women’s Empowerment Projects:

The data in the system shows that almost all women miners in the project believe they have the same capabilities as their male colleagues, but only 70 percent believe they are paid equally for the same work, identifying possible needs of the community that can be addressed through targeted and innovative projects supporting equitable development. 

IMPACT transforms how natural resources are managed in areas where security and human rights are at risk. We investigate and develop approaches for natural resources to improve security, development, and equality. We are an independent non-profit collaborating with local partners for lasting change. IMPACT is based in Canada, with offices in Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda.


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