Our Story

Built with love in Canada. Designed for the World.

We’ve created a one of a kind platform to harmonize, validate, and manage data - in all formats and from sources.

Traditional systems aren’t optimized to address the basic, key elements that discerning investors require: policy compliance, risk mitigation, environmental and social impacts.


What investors AND global economies need for sustainable growth is a scalable, interconnected system to manage data comprehensively while addressing compliance and risk.


So we built it.

Until now, global supply chains outside of vertically integrated multinationals couldn’t be interconnected; without true interconnection, they remained unscalable. To manage the full array of data related to any type of material - we went beyond a ‘traceability system.’ We designed a system to account for multiple stakeholders and recognized that truly valid data must be verified on both sides of a transaction. 

What We Believe

Our technology can reduce organizational risk, rebalance supply chains & create new value.

Our comprehensive, scalable solution harmonizes data that was once siloed. Both structured and unstructured data are validated and its veracity is preserved.

Our clients have access to a cost-effective, multi-entry-point-platform to track information as it changes, moves, and aggregates through their supply chains.

Each piece of data is cryptographically-secured and managed in a manner that increases its order, accuracy, and value. 
This simplified, streamlined, and quality-controlled information is crucial to reports, audits, and day-to-day operational insights. We believe that our solutions can rebalance supply chains, and that verified data is a resource capable of creating new value.


What We Know

We understand that every organization’s supply chain has unique risks. These risks are better mitigated using trusted, real-time, secure, and contextual data. 

We validated our approach in one of the most complex, high-risk, and low-connectivity environments.


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